Brute; Brutish

broot, brootish (ba`ar, "stupid"; alogos, "without speech," hence, irrational, unreasonable (Ac 25:27; 2Pe 2:12; Jude 1:10 the King James Version)): The man who denies God acts in an irrational way. Such persons are described as brutish (Ps 49:10; 92:6; 94:8; Jer 10:14,21; 51:17). These are stupid, unteachable. This is a graphic description of the atheist. The proverb, "No fool like the learned fool,' is especially true of the ignorance of the unbelievers of the Scriptures. Their obj ections to the Bible, as a rule, are utterly ridiculous. The word is occasionally used in the sense of thoughtless ignorance. Brutish counsel is counsel that is foolish, unreasonable (Isa 19:11). The term is used by Agur (Pr 30:2) to express the low estimate he has of himself and his conscious lack of knowledge.

Jacob W. Kapp

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