dasha' = "to sprout," "spring" (Ge 1:11 the King James Version); sharats = "to wriggle," "swarm" (Ge 1:20 f; Ge 9:7; Ex 8:3); yaladh = "to bear," "beget" (Ge 3:16; 2Ki 19:3; Job 15:35; 39:1-2; "what a day may bring forth," Pr 27:1; "before the decree bring forth," Zep 2:2); `anan = "to cloud over," "to darken" (Ge 9:14); shalach = "to send on," "to escort" (Ge 18:16); shubh = "to turn back," "bring" (again, back, home again), "fetch," "establish" (Ge 24:5-6,8; Job 10:9; Ps 68:22; "bring him back to see," Ec 3:22; Zec 10:6,10); naghash = "present," "adduce" (an argument) (1Sa 13:9; 15:32; 23:9; 30:7; "bring forth your strong reasons," Isa 41:21-22); `asah = "to do," "cause to be," "accomplish" (Ps 37:5); `alah = "to carry up," "exalt," "restore" (Ge 46:4; Ex 3:8,17; 33:12; Ps 71:20; Ho 12:13); nagha` = "to touch," "lay hand upon," "reach to" (Le 5:7); kabhadh, or kabhedh = "to be heavy" (causative "to make weighty"), "to be glorious" (Pr 4:8); kana` = "to bend the knee," hence "humiliate," "bring" (down, into subjection, under), "subdue" (De 9:3; Isa 25:5); zakhar = "to mark," "call to, put (put in) remembrance" (Ps 38:1-22 title; Ps 70:1-5 title); yabhal = "to flow," "bring" (especially with pomp) (Ps 60:9; 68:29; 76:11; Zep 3:10); chul, or chil = "to writhe in pain," "to be in travail" (Isa 66:8); tsa`adh = "to step regularly," "march," "hurl" (Job 18:14); halakh = "to walk," "get" (Ho 2:14); gadhal = "bring up," "increase" (Ho 9:12).

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The New Testament employs telesphoreo = "to bring to maturity," "to ripen" (Lu 8:14); hupomimnesko = "to bring to mind," "suggest," "bring to remembrance" (Joh 14:26); douloo = "to enslave" (Ac 7:6); suntrophos = "brought up with" (Ac 13:1 the Revised Version (British and American), "the foster-brother of"): diasozo = "to save," "to care," "rescue" (Ac 23:24); atheteo = "to set aside" "cast off," "bring to naught" (1Co 1:19); katargeo = "to abolish," "destroy," "do away," "put away," "make void" (1Co 1:28); propempo = "to send forward," "bring forward" (1Co 16:6 the King James Version; Tit 3:13 the King James Version; 3Jo 1:6 the King James Version); ektrepho = "to rear up to maturity," "to cherish," "nourish" (Eph 6:4 the King James Version).

Frank E. Hirsch

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