Bountifulness; Bounty

boun'-ti-fool-nes, boun'-ti (haplotes, "singleness," "benevolence," 2Co 9:11 the King James Version; Tobh, "to be good" (Pr 22:9); eulogia, "good speech," "blessing" (2Co 9:6); gamal, "to treat well" (Ps 119:17); shoa`, "to be liberal" (Isa 32:5); yadh, "hand," "power"): Paul speaks of the church at Corinth "being enriched in everything unto all liberality" (the King James Version "bountifulness," 2Co 9:11). The offering of the church at Corinth for the Christians of Judea is termed a "bounty," a blessing, liberally given: "and not of extortion" (the King James Version "of covetousness," 2Co 9:5-6). The word occurs also in 1Ki 10:13: "Besides that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty," literally "according to the hand of King Solomon."

L. Kaiser

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