booz'-um: In the ordinary signification of the anterior upper portion of the trunk of the body, choq or cheq, "inlet, "lap" (Ex 4:6-7; Nu 11:12; De 13:6; 28:54,56; Ru 4:16; Ps 74:11; Isa 65:6-7; La 2:12). "A present in the bosom" (Pr 21:14): bribes carried ready for use in the fold of the robe. chetsen = "bosom" (with special reference to that portion of the body which is between the arms), occurs in Ps 129:7; chobh = "a cherisher," hence, "the bosom" (Job 31:33); tsallachath = something advanced or deep, "a bowl"; figurative "the bosom" (Pr 19:24 the King James Version; Pr 26:15 the King James Version). The Greek employs kolpos (Lu 6:38; Joh 13:23). For Abraham's bosom, see separate article.

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Figurative: In a figurative sense it denotes intimacy and unrestrained intercourse (Ge 16:5; 2Sa 12:8); tender care and watchfulness (Isa 40:11); closest intimacy and most perfect knowledge (Joh 1:18); "into their bosom" (Ps 79:12) indicates the bosom as the seat of thought and reflection.

F. E. Hirsch

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