Boil (2)

(verb) (bashal, rathach): "Boil" is the translation of bashal, "to bubble up," "to boil," "to be cooked," Piel, "to cause to boil," "to cook" (Le 8:31; 1Ki 19:21; 2Ki 6:29; Eze 46:20,24 bis); of rathach, to be hot," "to boil," "to be made to boil," "to be greatly moved" under strong emotion (the bowels), Hiphil "to cause to boil" (Job 30:27 the King James Version "My bowels boiled, and rested not," the English Revised Version "My bowels boil." the American Standard Revised Version "My heart is troubled"; Job 41:31, "He maketh the deep to boil like a pot"; Eze 24:5, "make it boil well"); of ba`ah, "to bubble" or "well up" (Isa 64:2 (1, in Hebrew) "The fire causeth the waters to boil"); in King James Version, margin of Ps 45:1 ("My heart is inditing a good matter") we have Hebrew "boileth" or "bubbleth up" (rachash, "to boil" or "bubble up," the Revised Version (British and American) text, "My heart overfloweth with a goodly matter").

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"Boiling-places," occurs in Eze 46:23 as the translation of mebhashsheloth, "hearths," "boiling-places." The American Standard Revised Version has "boiling-houses" for "places of them that boil" (Eze 46:24), "boil well" for "consume" (Eze 24:10); the American Standard Revised Version has "boiling over" for "unstable" (Ge 49:4; the English Revised Version, margin "bubbling over").

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