be-sid': Near to, or close to (Ps 23:2). It is often used to refer to the mental state, to the derangement of the mind (existemi, Mr 3:21; Ac 26:24 the King James Version). Or it may refer to the condition of being out of the ordinary course of the life. A life consecrated to God and spent in the interest of humanity is so designated (2Co 5:13). It has the sense also of a state of being out of one's usual mind, but not of mental derangement, occasioned by something that causes amazement or ast onishment (Mr 5:42). Or it may refer to a state in which one is not conscious of present conditions, but is rapt in vision (Ac 10:10).

See the definition of beside in the KJV Dictionary

Besides is used in the sense of in addition to or that which is over and above what has been said or is possessed (Lu 16:26; see the American Revised Version, margin "in"; Phm 1:19).

Jacob W. Kapp

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