be-na'-ya, be-ni'-a (benayah, benayahu, "Yahweh has built." Compare HPN , 182, 265, 268):

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(1) Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada of Kabzeel (compare Jos 15:21), was a man of "mighty deeds" and was more honorable than any of the mighty men of David except the three chiefs. Therefore David made him his chief counselor (2Sa 23:23 m; compare 1Ch 27:34 where the order of names seems to be reversed) and set him over the Cherethites (compare Carites, 2Ki 11:4 ff and margin) and Pelethites and he was made the 3rd captain of the host and chief over the course of the 3rd month (1Ch 27:5 f; 2Sa 8:18; 20:23; 1Ch 18:17; 2Sa 23:20 ff; 2Sa 11:22 ff). Being a true friend of David (compare 2Sa 15:18) he did not take part in the usurpation of Adonijah (1Ki 1:8,10,26), and was therefore with others chosen by the king to proclaim Solomon king over Israel (1Ki 1:32 ff) and later by Solomon to execute Adonijah (1Ki 2:25), Joab (1Ki 2:29 ff), and Shimei (1Ki 2:46). In recognition of his services Solomon appointed him over the host in Joab's place (1Ki 2:35; 4:4).

(2) Benaiah, a Pirathonite (compare Jg 12:13,15), was one of David's 30 mighty men (2Sa 23:30; 1Ch 11:31). He was captain over the course of the 11th month numbering 24,000 (1Ch 27:14).

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(3) A ruler of the house of Simeon (1Ch 4:36).

(4) A Levite of second degree appointed as singer (1Ch 15:18) with "psalteries Set to Alamoth" (1Ch 15:20; 16:5).

See also the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.

(5) A priest appointed "to blow the trumpet before the ark of God" (1Ch 15:24; 16:6).

(6) The father of Jehoiada (1Ch 27:34), but see (1) above.

(7) An ancestor of Jahaziel of the house of Asaph (2Ch 20:14).

(8) An overseer in the service of Hezekiah (2Ch 31:13).

(9, 10, 11, 12) Four different men of Israel who had taken "strange wives" (Ezr 10:25,30,35,43).

(13) The father of Pelatiah who was seen by Ezekiel in his vision (Eze 11:1,13).

A. L. Breslich

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