bel'-i: gachon = "the external abdomen" (Ge 3:14; Le 11:42). qobhah = "the abdominal cavity" (Nu 25:8 the American Standard Revised Version "body"). beTen = "the internal abdomen," "the womb" (1Ki 7:20; Job 15:2,35 the King James Version; Job 20:15,23; 40:16; Ps 17:1-15,14; Pr 13:25; 18:20; Jer 1:5; Eze 3:3); also figuratively "the internal regions," "the body of anything" (Jon 2:2). me`eh = "intestines," "abdomen" (Da 2:32; Jon 1:17; 2:1-2). In the New Testament koilia = "a cavity," espec ially the abdominal (Mt 12:40; 15:17; Mr 7:19); the seat of appetite and of the carnal affections (Ro 16:18; 1Co 6:13; Php 3:19; Re 10:9-10); the innermost of the soul (the American Revised Version, margin Joh 7:38).

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Frank E. Hirsch

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