warz (maqqachah, mekher, mimkar, kin`ah, ma`aseh, `izzabhon, keli): (1) maqqachah, something received or purchased (Ne 10:31); (2) mekher, "price" or "pay," value, merchandise (Ne 13:16); (3) mimkar, a "selling," the thing sold (Ne 13:20); (4) kin`ah, a "package," hence, wares (Jer 10:17); (5) ma`aseh, "transaction," activity, property, possession, work, occupation, thing made, deed, business (Eze 27:16,18); (6) `izzabhon, "selling," trade, revenue, mart, letting go for a price (Eze 27:33); (7) keli, a "prepared" something, as an implement, tool, weapon, utensil, armor, furniture, sack, vessel, hence, wares (Jon 1:5). In most cases the real sense is merchandise (see MERCHANDISE). "That which did not a little amuse the Merchandizers (in Vanity-Fair) was, that these Pilgrims set very light by all their Wares; they cared not so much as to look upon them" (Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress).

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William Edward Raffety

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