neth-a-ni'-a (nethanyahu, "Yah has given"; Nathanias):

See a list of verses on NETHANIAH in the Bible.

(1) An Asaphite musician (1Ch 25:2,12).

(2) A Levite who accompanied the princes sent by Jehoshaphat to teach in the cities of Judah (2Ch 17:8).

See also the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.

(3) The father of Jehudi (Jer 36:14).

(4) The father of Ishmael, the murderer of Gedaliah (Jer 40:8,14-15; 41:1-18, Jer 11:1-23 t; 2Ki 25:23,25). Some manuscripts of Septuagint read here Maththanias.

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