hed: This word, in the sense of giving careful attention ("take heed," "give heed," etc.), represents several Hebrew and Greek words; chief among them shamar, "to watch"; blepo, "to look," horao, "to see." As opposed to thoughtlessness, disregard of God's words, of the counsels of wisdom, of care for one's ways, it is constantly inculcated as a duty of supreme importance in the moral and spiritual life (De 4:9,15,23; 27:9 the King James Version, etc.; Jos 22:5; 23:11; Ps 39:1; Mt 16:6; Mr 4:24; 13:33; Lu 12:15; 1Co 3:10; 8:9; 10:12; Col 4:17, etc.).

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James Orr

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