Drop, Dropping

"To drop" expresses a "distilling" or "dripping" of a fluid (Jg 5:4; Pr 3:20; Song 5:5,13; Joe 3:18; Am 9:13; compare 1Sa 14:26, "the honey dropped" (margin "a stream of honey")); Job 29:22 and Isa 45:8 read "distil" (the King James Version "drop"). The continuous "droppings" of rain through a leaking roof (roofs were usually made of clay in Palestine, and always liable to cracks and leakage) on a "very rainy day" is compared to a contentious wife (Pr 19:13; 27:15); "What is described is the irritating, unceasing, sound of the fall, drop after drop, of water through the chinks in the roof" (Plumptre, in the place cited); compare also the King James Version Ec 10:18 (the Revised Version (British and American) "leaketh").

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